Hemp Extract CBD Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil: What's the Difference?

Hemp Extract CBD Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil: What’s the Difference?

The term hemp oil can sometimes mean different things. When navigating the CBD marketplace, it can be very helpful to have a clear idea of what the term hemp oil means and what different products it might be referring to. There are some key elements to be aware of that will help you determine what exactly is in any given product so you can decide if what you’re looking at is indeed the hemp oil you’re looking for.

Hemp extract CBD oil and hemp seed oil refer to two very different products. They may both be referred to as hemp oil due to a simple lack of specificity or because a seller is intentionally trying to be misleading. Both have their own specific benefits but it’s important to know which one you’re buying to avoid any unfilled expectations. One very essential thing that both hemp seed oil and hemp extract CBD oil do have in common is that they don’t contain any significant levels of THC and they will not get you high.

Hemp Extract CBD Oil

Hemp extract CBD oil is made from the stalks, stems, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant. It can be extracted in a variety of ways, including solvent extraction and CO2 extraction. It may then undergo a decarboxylation process which allows the cannabinoids in the oil to be able to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Full spectrum hemp extract CBD contains other cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material that all offer their own favorable properties. These other compounds can work together in unison to create the “entourage effect”, a process in which all the cannabinoids and terpenes can complement the effects of the main cannabinoids as well as provide their own unique benefits.

Hemp must contain under 0.3% of THC in dry weight to be officially classified as hemp so you won’t need to worry about about a hemp product getting you high, making you sleepy, or affecting your ability to drive. There is also usually no reason to worry about passing a drug test, however hemp could contain THC in miniscule amounts. Depending on how much you take and how much THC remains in your system, there is a chance it could show up on a test, but this is quite unlikely.

Hemp Extract CBD Oil Benefits

CBD interacts with various receptors and ion channels in your body to both inhibit and stimulate different hormones and neurotransmitters. For example, it can inhibit the production of FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase) which will then prevent the breakdown of anandamide, one of our natural endocannabinoids. Anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule, binds to the CB1 receptors and can improve your mood, reduce your pain response, and combat depression. CBD can activate the TRPV1 receptors which regulate pain, body temperature, and inflammation. It can also activate the 5-ht1A receptors which can play a role in anxiety, addiction, sleep, and pain management.

In other words, CBD works indirectly on many levels to help regulate many of the physiological systems within our bodies. This can help to promote balance in these systems when a disease or disorder has thrown them out of whack. The health benefits it can provide are nearly countless but an example of a few issues it can help with include anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, pain, epilepsy, arthritis, acne, and nausea.

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How to Buy Hemp Extract CBD Oil

Hemp extract CBD oil may be found in local brick and mortar stores such as health and wellness shops or even cannabis dispensaries. When buying from these places it’s important to be sure you aren’t accidentally buying hemp seed oil when in a health food store and not mistakenly buying medical marijuana if purchasing from a dispensary.

Buying hemp extract CBD oil online is usually the best solution because you can do as much investigation as you’d like about any specific company. Because the product is extracted from hemp, it’s legal to ship to all 50 states. When buying online, there are a couple of important things to look for. A company that has third party lab testing and are willing to share their reports are not only more trustworthy but you can easily see from the report everything that is in the oil you’re purchasing. CO2 extraction methods are also preferable to other methods because they are generally safer and can produce a higher quality product.

When buying online, it’s very important to note that Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD but results will still come up when searching for it. These products are almost definitely hemp seed oils that are advertised creatively enough to imply they are hemp extract CBD oils. You can usually tell the difference because they will often say they are made from hemp seeds or that they are CBD alternatives or enhancers instead of directly claiming to be CBD. They may also list mgs of oil in the bottle but unless specifically stated, this does not mean that is the mgs of CBD in the bottle, it is more than likely the mgs of hemp seed oil.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. The seeds do not contain any THC or CBD. The oil is extracted through a cold press process which means that no heat is used and the oil is extracted through sheer pressure. This process may produce less oil than the heated method but generally provides a higher quality of oil. Hemp seed oils can be used in food preparation, may be taken as a dietary supplement, or may be found in skin and hair care products.

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

While hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD and would not provide the benefits a CBD oil can provide, it does have its own useful qualities. It contains plenty of omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E. This makes it wonderful for treating dry skin, eczema, inflammation, and nourishing dry, damaged hair. Taking hemp seed oil as a dietary supplement not only provides your body with healthy fatty acids but also various other vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, and vitamin B.

How to Buy Hemp Seed Oil

It can be a lot easier and much less confusing to buy hemp seed oil than to buy hemp extract CBD oil. Hemp seed oil is available in grocery stores, health food stores, and can definitely be purchased on Amazon. Just look for “cold pressed hemp seed oil” on the label and you’ll have no problem getting what you’re looking for.

Hemp extract CBD oil and hemp seed oil are both really great products that can improve your health but they are also entirely different products that should not be confused with one another. If you take a look at any negative comments on an amazon hemp oil review, you’ll see that people often have a hard time differentiating between the two products. They are left disappointed, upset, angry, and usually out a few bucks. Knowing the correct terms and the difference between these products can save you lot of trouble.



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