Interview with Farmacy Bliss

Interview with Farmacy Bliss

We recently had the chance to connect with the amazing team at Farmacy Bliss, a CBD company whose mission is rooted in helping people heal. Read the full interview below.

Let’s dive right into learning more about your company and your story of entering the world of CBD. Can you start us off by telling us more about what led to the creation of Farmacy Bliss?

Farmacy Bliss was born out of a desire to help a dear family member in a time of a serious health crisis.

As we searched for ways to help her find relief naturally, we discovered the incredible potential of hemp-derived CBD. This led us to delve deep into research and development to create a pure and potent CBD product that delivered real results.

This formula, and the relief it provided, was so effective that it quickly gained demand among friends and family.

This marked a turning point in our lives. So in 2017, we created Farmacy Bliss to pursue a burning desire to make our pure, full spectrum, solvent-free, medical grade CBD formulation available to anyone seeking relief. We also created it for anyone who simply wants to de-stress and experience an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

We are humbled and grateful to work side-by-side with a dedicated family team and to bring our different backgrounds and skills to something we are very passionate about – contributing to the health and wellness of thousands of people by providing CBD products formulated to deliver the purest and most effective results possible.

What would you say was the most significant factor that prompted you to specifically start a CBD business?

A desire to help family and friends find relief for the various conditions and ailments they were experiencing. In particular, the mother of two of the partners was terminally ill, which spurred a search for natural pain and anxiety relief.

What types of roadblocks or challenges have you encountered in the launching and scaling of Farmacy Bliss and how did you successfully manage those?

Educating consumers can be challenging, especially since a lot of people still don’t know or understand what CBD is. There are some misconceptions on what it does, how it may affect someone, and how it interacts with other cannabinoids and compounds.

In 2017-2018 it was difficult to get into a lot of stores because hemp didn’t have legal status yet.

Marketing CBD is a discovery process because the industry is new, and there are yet no tried and true methods towards marketing success. It will be a few years until the industry gets there.

What did the initial process of prototyping, manufacturing, and selling your products look like?

We knew that our first product had to be a high potency product, and we saw that no one on the market had high concentration CBD vape. So we decided to create a cartridge with up to 65% CBD in it. It so happened that our childhood friend had a hemp extraction company, which also winterized the oil to make it vapeable. After many blending experiments with concentration, we were finally able to get 65% CBD concentration in a 500mg cartridge, by using MCT as a carrier agent to make sure the oil doesn’t crystalize. After some time we realized that just like other carrier agents, MCT is harmful to health in the long term and we started creating vape products without any carrier agents at all.

Here’s the question we always look forward to hearing the response around. What makes Farmacy Bliss products unique? In other words, why do customers love buying and using your products?

We’re a family owned and operated company. This makes us unique because we deeply care and stand behind our product, its quality, and the relief it brings to many of our customers. We make our products as if we were making them for ourselves or our friends.

Our products are some of the most potent, pure and trusted products on the market. We have full reports and certifications available for review, which is something that still is uncommon for a lot of emerging companies in the industry.

We have outstanding customer support, always willing and available to answer any customer questions, concerns, and educate on any topic related to our products and CBD in general.

Let’s talk about who specifically is purchasing and using Farmacy Bliss products. What is your target demographic?

Mostly middle-class women and men 35-65 years old with varying occupations and family situations. Women constitute about 60% of our customer base.

How do you attract, retain, and reward your loyal customers?

We have very good promotional programs with frequent sales that come through newsletters as well as a great rewards program to reward customer loyalty. We have an Instagram account with over 8.5k followers, ads in various industry sites, such as and, and our products are sold in various online marketplaces (ie.,,

What kinds of tools, resources, and platforms have helped keep your business productive and efficient?

We’ve used and relied on many tools, such as TradeGecko, Shipstation, Insightly, Google Analytics, and Google drive.

Can you share some of the general feedback that you've received from customers who use your products?

Product reception has been outstanding. Overwhelmingly, through their reviews our customers attest to the purity and effectiveness of our products and the relief they get with conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, sciatica, migraines, muscle aches, anxiety, stress, and general pain. You can take a look at websites like, to see what people are saying.

I know our readers will be interested to hear about your best-selling products are and how they help achieve overall wellness. Can you give us more information on those?

Our CBDAILY™️ Softgels and CBDELIVER™️ Vape Pens have been doing very well. The softgels are a very effective way to bring relief from various chronic conditions and ailments, they’re long-lasting and easy to take as traditional medication. Our vapes are unique because they contain no carrier agents, which is very rare for the CBD vape market. People vape pure, aromatic and very potent CBD oil and that’s why they love it. Moreover, our vape oil is made from hemp flowers, which preserves the trichomes, resulting in a rich array of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Farmacy Bliss Vape
Farmacy Bliss Drops
Farmacy Bliss Softgels

Are your products third party lab tested by batch? If so, are you willing to attach and share your lab results?

Have you found that the evolving regulations and legalities surrounding hemp have impacted your business on any level?

They don’t impact our business at the moment. We go with the flow and adapt.

I’m sure you get asked this often, but what wisdom or advice would you have to share with someone who is thinking about starting a CBD-related business?

Take quality of products serious. You can’t take advantage of people just because you want to get in on the trend, and sell them crap since they have hope that it will help them get better. Have integrity in your brand and always try to innovate and improve quality and delivery of CBD.

How does a CBD brand like Farmacy Bliss stay relevant and top-of-mind in such a competitive industry?

At the core, you have to be a trusted brand, the one that people know they can always go to to get a quality product and customer support. That and innovating will keep many companies profitable in the long run.

In terms of CBD-related products and services, what do you think the future holds?

Greater research and development of products that have varying ratios of cannabinoids to deliver specific results to the user. Combining CBD with other herbal medicine for various delivery forms.

It’s been a pleasure learning more about Farmacy Bliss. Can you leave us with what some of the next steps are for your company?

We’re expanding our reach to many brick and mortar stores nationwide, and are looking across the Atlantic, where we’re starting to form partnerships with local European distributors.

We’re also working on a few innovative products to be released in 2019… but hush hush about that 😉

Farmacy Bliss Jenya
Farmacy Bliss Zhanna
Farmacy Bliss Lana
Farmacy Bliss Gregory

Founders – Jenya Nemirovsky, Zhanna Nemirovsky, Lana Nemirovsky, Gregory Drakhler
You can learn more about Farmacy Bliss here:




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